2023 Australian National Championships - Loads of Medals

Published Wed 26 Apr 2023

Lots of bling to the club:  Congratulations to the whole of the Bei Loon machine who made this amazing result possible - our coaches, sweeps, drummers, training buddies, supporters and those in the boat who gave their all.  We are more than a group of athletes who paddle together .... we are a real TEAM.

Gold - Senior B Women 20s - 2km

Gold - Senior B Mixed 10s - 500m

Silver - Senior B Women 20s - 500m

Silver - Senior B Women 20s - 200m

Silver - Senior B Mixed 10s - 200m

10 of our Nationals Team were first time Nationals - what a fabulous endorsement of the club's talent pool.

Watch the exciting finish of our Senior B Mixed (50+ men and women) with 10 paddlers win Gold!.