Club History

The Bei Loon Dragon Boat Club was started when paddlers split off from the Northern Beaches Dragon Boat Club in November 2003.

Bei Loon (meaning Northern Dragons) relocated to Rowland Reserve at Bayview. The club was later incorporated in 2009.

Our Breast Cancer Survivor paddlers, the Pittwater Pinks, were formed soon after Bei Loon during the 2004/05 season. The Pinks have now competed 5 times in the International Breast Cancer Festival - Caloundra, Queensland (2007), Peterborough, Canada (2010), Sarasota, Florida, USA (2014), Florence, Italy (2018) and NZ (2023).

Competitively Bei Loon has been relatively strong. We competed at the National Championships for the first time in 2008 in WA. Bei Loon has now competed 12 times for 5 Gold, 20 Silver and 21 Bronze medals - all won in Masters events. We have also qualified a number of crews for the World Club Crew Championships. However, we only sent a crew for the first time to Szeged, Hungary in 2018 (Snr A Women). Two crews qualified for the Covid cancelled 2020 World Club Crew Championships in France (Snr A Women, Snr B Mixed) and we have qualified for three teams for 2024 in Italy.

At State competition level, Bei Loon still holds 3 race records:

· Snr A Open 200m – 49.12

· Snr A Mixed 500m – 2.04.25

· Snr A Open 500m – 2.03.41

We had previously held the Snr A Women 200m record set in 2010 at 55.28.  DBNSW introduced an Honour Board Award in 2007. Since then, Bei Loon has won an award 7 times:

· Snr A Mixed 2008

· Snr A Women 2009

· Snr A Open 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2018.

Bei Loon has also had numerous Representatives at State and National Team level.