Photo Gallery

2021 Scotland Island Race Bei Loon In Action2021 Scotland Island Race Gathering at the Start2021 Scotland Island Race Gathering at Rowland Reserve
2020 8K Race Close Combat2020 8K Race Go Bei Loon 12020 8k Race Go Bei Loon 2
2020 8k Race On Shore Getting Ready for the next one2018 October Penrith Race 2 - Senior B Mixed Final Results2018 October Penrith Race 2 - Starting Out
Snr A Open winning 2018 NSW State ChampionshipSnr A Women in Hungary for the 2018 IDBF Club Crew ChampionshipsThe Bei Loon Penrith December 2017 Racing Team
2017 8K Challenge Race Bei Loon First Lap Go Harder!2017 8k Challenge Race Hero Shot2017 8K Challenge Race Illawarra
2017 8k Challenge Race Water Craft and Port HackingDobroyd 2017 Just about to startDobroyd 2017 Just getting into the boat
Dobroyd 2017 On the WaterBei Loon Team 2 Gold and 3 Silver Australian Masters Tasmania 2017Womens Senior A Gold Medalists Australian Masters Tasmania 2017