PanPacific Masters Games 2022

Published Thu 10 Nov 2022

Thursday was the 500m, Friday was the 200m and Saturday the Round the Island race (4.8k). For the 500m and 200m we had 5 teams - 40+ Mixed 20s; 40+ Women 20s; 55+ Mixed 20s; 55+ Open 10s; 55+ Women 10s.  3 of the teams got into the 500m finals - 55+ Mixed 20s, 55+ Open 10s and 55+ Women 10s.  Saturday was the Round the Island Race - 4.8k - Men's 20s and Women's 20s. Although the Women's team came 4th overcall, they had line honours in their heat.  And they were only 7 seconds off the bronze medal which isn't bad over a 25 minute race. 

Here's the start.


And here's the exciting finish.